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Solar Water Heaters for Residence

Solar Water Heaters

Be it off-the-shelf domestic solar water heaters or custom-designed industrial water heating systems, we offer a wide range of solar water heating systems or solar geysers for all your hot water needs. All our solar heating systems are approved by the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) and are also ISO 9001-2000 & BIS certified.


Our patented absorber coating multiplies the solar energy trapped in our panels. This means that you can enjoy hotter water even in cloudy conditions.


We strive to manufacture the best solar water heaters in India and hence all our raw materials are sourced directly from high quality suppliers.


Our solar water heating systems are extremely durable and work for years together. A minimum of 10 years of performance is guaranteed.

Products for Residential Use

We manufacture 4 types of systems. Our systems are not only economical but also low on maintenance. For an average four membered family, at least 35% can be saved on the electricity bills by using our solar water heaters. The added advantage? You don’t have to be dependent on the unreliable power supply for the availability of hot water anymore.

Evacuated tube collector (ETC) (Non-pressurised)

The tube collector solar water heaters have copper vacuum tubes with special coating to absorb the solar energy. Furthermore, the curved shape of these tubes allow thermal absorption from a greater range of sun angles and therefore for a greater portion of the day. These systems have lighter components that require a smaller roof area and are easier to manage. The best part is that they provide excellent performance even in overcast weather conditions.

Flat plate collectors (FPC)

The flate plate or flat panel solar water heaters have a thin aluminium absorber sheet that draws in 95% of available sunlight and converts it into usable heat for hot water production. It has a tough glass (glazing) as an outer layer to protect the absorber from the outside environment while allowing maximum sunlight through it. These solar water heaters have a long life as they are sturdy and can withstand high pressure and thermal stress.

Non-pressurised systems
The non-pressure model means that the water in the tank is under low pressure and it's equal to the gravity of the water. These work on the height differential between overhead tank and solar water heater system. The good side is that these consume less power due to absence of pumps.
Pressurized systems
These systems create a high pressure in the water stored in tank and is equal to the pressure of tap water. This kind of Solar Water Heater Systems are designed to deliver high pressure hot water directly to rain showers, jet sprays and shower diverter valves.

Why use Solar Water Heater for my home?

Uninterrupted Supply

Hot water is something we all need - to bathe and to wash those greasy dishes. So why should you have to depend on electricity to do that. Be assured of 24X7 hot water supply using the most natural source of heat - the sun.

Cost Advantage

An average household of 4 members spends approximately Rs 12,000 per year on electricity to run electric geysers. Why spend money every year when you can use solar energy that’s completely free?

Long lasting

Our systems are designed to have a prolonged life and require very low maintenance. ‘Fit it & Forget it’ - that sums up the performance of our solar water heaters. And due to use of standardised parts, our spares are inexpensive.

Quick Service

World class products should be backed by top notch service. Expect a site visit within 2 days of placing a request, followed by an on-the-spot site evaluation and system quote. The system Installation takes a day at most and we attempt to flawlessly execute them, keeping in mind the aesthetics and functionality too.


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Be it Solar Infrastructure for factories or solar power systems for your home, we strive to offer the best solutions for all your energy needs.


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