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Solar Power System

When non-renewable resources used to generate electricity in this power-hungry world are nearly exhausted, the Sun can help you. Sunlight is a renewable resource and it can be used as a sustainable source to generate electricity. Harnessing energy from the sun to generate electricity is an efficient way to save your money and our environment. Light up your life with our high quality solar power solutions in India.

How do Solar Power Systems work?

The photovoltaic systems have solar panels that collect solar energy and convert it into electricity. It is not the heat from the sun that generates electricity, sunlight that falls on the solar panel is converted into electricity.  The DC power generated by the solar panel is converted into AC power with the help of an inverter.

Advantages of Solar Power System

Easy installation

Solar panels are installed on the rooftops and doesn’t require an extra space in your house. Our solar panels are segmented and can be installed one by one. It requires no wires or cords like other electricity generating machines.


Solar power systems save water and other non renewable resources that are exhausted to generate electricity. There are no harmful emissions from the solar panels. Solar power is eco-friendly as it is not a threat to the environment.

Requires very little maintenance

Solar power systems have very few movable or breakable parts which means less replacement or wear and tear. Apart from the installation costs, solar power systems require very little to no maintenance and can serve for a lifetime too.

Zero Energy Consumption Cost

Solar energy is free to use and can be harnessed by anybody who wishes to save money on electricity bills, and reduce Global warming. By using sunlight to power up your house, you need not worry about the metered electricity consumption.


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