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Sun360 has a wealth of experience as Solar Consultants in what is a relatively young Solar Power industry in India. This has allowed us to act as an advisory body in a variety of capacities.

Our strategic solar power consultation expertise lies in helping our clients develop efficient business models for the long run. We support you and your company with feasible and effective strategies and help you identify business opportunities that you can get through investing in solar power.

As an advisor, we guide our clients through the complete process of setting up a solar power plant that will significantly improve the robustness of your electricity supply & reduce your levelized cost of electricity (LCOE).

Whatever your research or project enquiry, we have the team of qualified Solar Consultants in India to deliver on-budget and on-schedule.

Here are some of the business aspect that we can help your company with, as Solar Consultants:

1. Financial & Technical Feasibility Report
As Owner’s or Lender’s Engineer, we guide our clients or investors through the complete process of project feasibility, financial closure, bid process management, vendor finalization and supervision of project execution up till successful project commissioning which meets our strict quality criteria.
Analyse the user’s electricity consumption patterns and associated costs.
Use high resolution satellite imagery and weather prediction models to accurately determine solar potential at the facility.
Prepare a financial feasibility report that estimates project costing, benefits accrued based on the operating model, energy savings, project internal rate of return and net present value of the project.

2. Detailed Project Report
A Detailed Project Report is one of the most important documents to assess the feasibility of project and to get financial closure. Sun 360 with its sector expertise and established standing in the renewable energy consultancy not only gives the most exhaustive analysis of the project but also enjoys the confidence of industries, investors and banks alike.

Analyse the strength of the underlying structure, analyse the need for new infrastructure and study of site’s electrical single line diagram.
Analyse the relevant supply side infrastructure and highlight risks if any.
Simulate the solar photovoltaic capacity, solar generation yield, system losses based on site conditions.
Scan technology available globally and suggest most suitable technology as per client’s requirements and site conditions.
Enlist design criteria for various components such as solar modules, inverters, data control and monitoring system, switchgears, lightning protection and earthing system.
Carry out module layout using shading analysis and preparing single line diagrams and evacuation plans.
Determine a maintenance schedule, spares, tools, manpower and training required to run a solar plant successfully.
Determine project schedule, required project team, standard operating procedures and safety measures.
Setup financial safeguards to ensure that contracting vendors/investors are responsible for the performance of the plant.
Identify risks of suggested operating model & risk mitigation techniques.

3. Request for proposals (RFP)
Use our vast network of solar project developers to ensure that our clients get the best deal.
All project developer’s bids are based on the minimum technical and financial conditions set down in the DPR and hence our clients can compare bids equitably.

4. Reverse bidding process
Use sourcing software to setup a reverse auction process whereby our clients can let all the bidders compete against each other to help determine the best price for the same set of requirements.

5. Power purchase agreement
Draft a power purchase agreement based on the technical and financial conditions decided by the client and the contractor/investor.
Get the document vetted by our clients legal team and if required make necessary changes.

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